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Software Development Services

K-Base provides world-class software engineering and offshore application development services to some of the leading clients in the world. We consistently deliver outstanding results to our customers with a pursuit and achievement of excellence that's proven and well known. Just ask why NCR Corporation (U.S) selected K-Base for productization and development of their flagship CRM application. K-Base is a CMMI Level 5 certified company. In thirst for perfection, we are quality centric organization therefore we take pride in whatever we deliver. Our team has proven ability both in web development and client-server technologies. With strong experiences in IDE/Tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, ASP.NET, VB.NET, J2EE , Eclipse, XML, J2EE, C++ and databases such as ORACLE and SQL Server

Through years of culmination, we have customized rather personalized our own Software Engineering disciplines based on Software Engineering Institute - CMMI development teachings (University of Carnegie Melon, Capability Maturity Model Integration). As such we religiously practice Life-Cycle Development Framework, Agile development methodology and Software Configuration Management. We leverage from our Best Practice applications and libraries such as pre-developed application libraries, controls to speed-up and shorten your application development tasks. Why reinvent the wheel, if we can give you the wheel at a fraction of what it cost to invent it? Therefore isn't it time, that you should consider outsourcing these types of activities.

Welcome to Knowledge Discovery Software Development Services
Our developers are well trained to assist to provide the following services:

  • Application Development Services
  • Mobile Application Development
  • System Testing Services
  • Systems Software Packaging Services
  • Application Internalization Services
  • On-Line Help Generation Services
  • Technical Writing Services

We are simply proven in application development using Microsoft technologies whatever complexity, whether web-enabled application (thin client) or rich client using traditional client-server apps. Capitalize on our proven development framework, standards and our own reusable collection of application libraries. We specialize in Visual Basic.NET, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, XML and J2EE.

Fixed Price Guarantees: You have a budget - plain and simple. We have an obligation to help you find solutions that fit within that budget. And we do! We can offer our fixed price option because of our abilities to scope your project at a high level. Our expansive knowledge of multiple industries, coupled with our advanced skills, ensures that your project is completed in less time, for less money.

Flexibility to Meet Your Deadlines: You need someone to work on your project now. Our flexibility lets us work on your project as required. Whether this is 5 to 50 hours per week, or 2 weeks now and 6 weeks later, we come and go, as you need us. In doing so, we help minimize your costs by ensuring that you are not paying for someone to "wait around" (on your money) throughout your project life cycle.

Off-Shore Development Services

K-Base's offshore outsourcing delivery models are designed to suit varying comfort levels and scenarios. Whether outsourcing is part of your strategy for cost reduction, improving operations and / or restructuring, the services we offer will provide financial return, risk mitigation, strategic alignment, political impact and intuition.

Offshore Delivery Model

The offshore delivery model entails that all project development, from initial study to testing, is done on K-Base's premises. This particular model works well in scenarios where the project goals are well defined and deviation from the same is unlikely. Management and communication during the course of the project is the responsibility of our program managers - the internal clients, who work with tried and tested methodologies to ensure that delivery is as per schedule. The offshore dedicated project team, works within predefined processes, thereby making this model the most cost effective.

Onsite Delivery Model & Staff Augmentation

The onsite delivery model entails that skilled K-Base professionals are deployed on the client's premises. This delivery model is viable only if fluidity is required in a project, if there is need for a specific resource type or if post-deployment support is imperative. From initial consultation to maintenance and support, our representatives are highly qualified and combine excellent business acumen and strong inter-personal skills.

Hybrid Delivery Model

This model, a combination of both onsite and offshore, is the best of both worlds, and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency. The onsite team will directly interact with the clients and will serve as consultants, program managers and developers, depending on project requirements. They will do requirement studies, design and development, while interfacing directly with clients. The offshore outsourcing team will interact only with the onsite team and will provide additional crucial support, thereby reducing costs and implementation time. The model allows for scalability and has enormous operational benefits

Mobile Application Development

K-Base has wide experience in Mobile Application Development. We provide Mobile Application Development platform including Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Android - Google mobile solution, iPhone Mobile Application Development, we helps clients to realize the benefits of Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform.

K-Base leverages offshore cost and scalability advantage to significantly reduce development cost across various mobile Application Developments. We provide high quality, time bound, cost effective outsourcing IT services through our offshore facilities in Malaysia.

K-Base has developed expertise in Mobile Application Development that have helped companies improve workflow, customer order taking, and record keeping in the front office.

Sample Health-care app on iPhone

Enterprise health-care applications can assist doctors greatly in their daily activities.

K-Base is currently developing niche applications in obscentric and gynaecology where doctors will be able to get the latest information about the patient and lab reports in their iphone.

Enterprise Solutions which can be build on Windows Mobile:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Field Service
  • Inspections
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Time and Materials Tracking
  • Work Order Management
  • Health-care

Services Offered:

  • Programming services on Windows Mobile Pocket PC based Devices
  • Connected and Disconnected Mode Application
  • Synchronization with your Enterprise Database SQL / Oracle
  • SQL Mobile & Oracle Lite Support
  • Integration with Enterprise Database using XML / Replication
  • Windows Mobile 5.6/6.0 Development
  •  Mobile enabled website development
  • J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones
  • Android - Google mobile hosted solution
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development
  • iPhone Mobile Application Development

If you are looking for Mobile Application Development Solution, Windows Mobile Application, Mobile enabled website development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development on Nokia, Samsung, LG phones, Android - Google mobile hosted solution, iPhone Mobile Website Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development, then you are at the right place.

System Testing Services

K-Base offers conscientious system testing services for Windows and Internet/intranet based applications. Multiple testers are available to focus on a single project if time constraints or unusually stringent standards apply. We use a detailed test process and problem tracking tools that emphasizes thoroughness and good documentation. We have built our process using the experience of our principals, basing it on known processes that have proven themselves successful in a real-world business context. Deliverables include an initial estimate and testing assessment, detailed step-by-step test plan, and result summaries for each round of testing, as well as any other supporting documentation or notes that are applicable to your project. We provide high-quality system testing services within a budget and work plan. We design customized implementations based on approval methodology and experience in a wide range of technologies.

Software Packaging Services

Our team is well trained with InstallShield tool to help you create highly sophisticated, customized setup and deployment solutions for Windows applications. We help leading software developers rapidly deploy the latest installation technology including Windows Installer-based installations or automated Web distribution of updates. Whatever the project, whatever the complexity, we provide tailor-made services for all phases of installation development; including design, integration, testing, and transfer of knowledge.

Application Internalization Services

We have the know-how to internationalize any application. We have developed our own technique called vLang and techniques to localize your applications so that it can work on any lingual, anywhere. Using XML based language templates, users can be provided the flexibility to personalize the message and prompt literals to suite their needs. Our internalization capability can be extended to any language of development - whether Visual Studio, Java or Web environment.

On-line Help Generation Services

Help is online information, designed for quick access and ease-of-use. Rather than simply reformatting material from printed documentation, K-Base redesigns information to take advantage of the unique capabilities of this hypertext medium and context-sensitive help. Making an intelligent choice about design and format before beginning a Help project will reduce time-to-market and increase user satisfaction. We understand various help formats such as Brower-Based Help, WebHelp, HTML Compiled Help and WinHelp. We have experience with all the industry standard help authoring tools such as RoboHelp, DoctorHelp and Author IT! Consultants emphasize that data has become one of the most valuable corporate assets. It is used and reused in various business intelligence applications to support sophisticated analysis and decision-making processes that make the company more competitive. But the value of data is clearly dependent upon its quality. Decisions based on flawed data are suspect and can dearly cost the company.

Technical Writing Services

Technical Writing is an inexact science. Many great software programs are hampered by poor documentation quality. K-Base can help you develop custom technical documentation based your specific requirements. Our manuals are readable, attractive, and accurate and will make and leave a positive impression of your company’s commitment to service and quality. Whether it is hardware and software products, K-Base can help you to develop User Guides, Reference Guides, Operation Manuals and Tutorials. Creating usable manuals is a process that consists of creating a user profile, performing a task analysis, storyboarding process, writing an information plan, and conducting usability test. The result is a user-friendly manual. This translates into user confidence when using the product. The tools we use to help your documentation needs are Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop.

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