KnowledgeBase wins contract from NCR U.S to develop CRM application

Woodbridge, New Jersey, U.S - September 10, 2000

KnowledgeBase signed the agreement with NCR, a leading CRM vendor in the world to develop Customer Relationship Management Software application for NCR. KnowledgeBase will be working closely with NCR Copenhagen, Denmark and NCR US, New Jersey to deliver the solution by beginning of 2001.

Under this agreement, KnowledgeBase will continue the development of ChurnSENTRY and Spotlight (Balanced Scorecard)

The deal involves not only development, but also providing a 24 X 7 world-wide support and world-wide consulting/deployment team.

""KnowledgeBase has been selected because of the proven application development capabilities adhering to CMM standards. Not to mention the know-how in utilizing predictive data mining and artifical intelligence technologies. Next generation CRM solutions will be fortified with heuristical capabilities in order to predict and understand the customer better"" quotes Jim Powell, NCR Vice President.

The development will be carried out at KnowledgeBase offices in Malaysia, India and US. ""We are very excited with work with NCR. We believe that KnowledgeBase innovative team will be able to deliver world-class application using leading edge technologies"" says Subra Suppiah, Chief Executive Office, KnowledgeBase.

KnowledgeBase is certified with CMM Level III, making one of a few companies in South East Asia with such quality standards.

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