KnowledgeBase joint collaboration with BSCol to provide BSC Services to Public Sector in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, July 2003

KnowledgeBase has formed a joint collaboration with Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (BSCol) to provide Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Services to Public Sector in Malaysia. BSCol is led and founded by the creators of Balanced Scorecard i.e. Prof Dr. Robert Kaplan (Chairman) and Dr. David Norton (President).

BSCol has world class experience in implementing Balanced Scorecard to more than 500 organizations throught the world. Together with KnowledgeBase, each bring unique core competencies to provide end-to-end BSC services. Our services includes:

- BSC Training
- BSC Scorecard Design & Development
- BSC Automation and Integration
- BSC Assessment Services

For further information on BSCOL, please visit or
contact Mr.Ritesh at or Ms. Mal Tennekoon at

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