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ETL Services

ETL - extract, transform and load - is the set of processes by which data is extracted from numerous databases, applications and systems, transformed as appropriate, and loaded into target systems - including, but not limited to, data warehouses, data marts, analytical applications, etc.

The first part of the extract, transform and load (ETL) process is understanding the data sources. The transformations are organization-specific and Integration is sometimes included in the ETL process; because it requires an in-depth knowledge of the organization and its business.

More than half of all development work for data warehousing projects is typically dedicated to the design and implementation of ETL processes. Poorly designed ETL processes are costly to maintain, change and update, so it is critical it is to make the right choices in terms of the right technology and tools that will be used for developing and maintaining the ETL processes.

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KnowledgeBase consultants has vast experience developing ETL complying with Star Schema/Dimensional/Snowflake approach or Normalized approach depending on the Data Warehouse design.

KnowledgeBase consultants have expertise across Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) tools that are effectively used to extract and unite data from disparate sources and deliver meaningful and actionable business intelligence across the organization.  

ETL Process Management

KnowledgeBase handles the entire data movement lifecycle – from source systems to the staging area to the datawarehouse to the final data mart.

Defining data sources and the relevant mappings

  • Maintenance and monitoring of transformation scripts
  • Creation of new transformation scripts for the new business requirements
  • Preparation of batch scripts

Update mapping specifications with meta data

Update monitoring and responsibility processes on source data changes

Ensure accurate and efficient ETL process in production 

  • Rectification of a broken ETL process
  • Updation of the ETL process
  • Streamline/ eliminate disjointed extraction and transformation programs
  • Validation routines to check for data consistency between source and destination

Performance tuning, error handling and interdependent scheduling   

Some of the numerous technological approaches and solutions available on the market include:

  • Traditional engine-based ETL products
  • RDBMS proprietary solutions
  • Third-generation ELT solutions, based on a code-generation approach that uses the power of the RDBMS engines to perform the data transformations

Some of the key technologies used by KnowledgeBase for ETL are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
  • Pentaho ETL
  •  Data Stage
  • Oracle OWB


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