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Commercial Benefits
DNA Helpdesk & NetSupport DNA

  • Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by decreasing the number of vendors you are managing, improving help desk support, enforcing configuration standards and effectively migrating to new technologies.

  • Track and manage licenses using the inventory and application metering functionality. Identify illegal and unused software, providing the necessary knowledge to purchase the optimum number of licenses for your enterprise.

  • Developed in accordance with the ITIL® Service Desk function described in OGC's ITIL® Service Support book.

  • Ensure compliance with corporate configuration standards using the software metering capability to identify and maintain standard desktop configurations and those that fall out of compliance even during server downtimes.

  • Plan and budget for migrations, ensuring that any desktop changes needed to support an upgrade are effected. DNA allows you to procure the components in advance, plan the work and ensure the installation team is fully prepared at the point of upgrade.

  • Effective Security Management for identification of missing computer assets such as CD-ROMs, memory, hard drives and even entire computer systems.

  • Reduce the need for costly physical inventories by removing the need to visit each desktop.

  • Assist with Disaster Recovery by transferring the IT information collected by DNA to your contingency plans, identifying where critical users and revenue related PCs are located.

  • Virus prevention and remedial activities are essential for any enterprise. As DNA works independently of your e-mail server, periodic updates can be distributed to your users even during a virus crisis.

DNA Helpdesk Benefits and Features

Powerful ICT Service Management Solution for Education

Developed with our IT service support expertise, NetSupport DNA helpdesk enables academic institutions to deliver, fast, effective and measurable support for both teaching and ICT support staff.

Incidents can be raised via e-mail or logged directly into DNA Helpdesk, providing a clear and simple method for registering, centrally managing and reporting on the progress of all support requests.

DNA Helpdesk enables the delivery of a fully managed support function across your educational establishment while providing the ICT support staff with the required tools to enable them to do their job effectively.

Conforms to ITIL® and FITS best practices for Service Support, individual features can be enabled as needed, allowing a structured approach to implementing these frameworks to meet the specific requirements of your educational establishment.

FITS clearly defines the management processes required to record, track and manage technical issues ensuring that all ICT technician roles, responsibilities and tasks are clearly defined. NetSupport DNA helpdesk delivers all of the key elements of FITS service support for the help desk listed below :

  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

  • Service Level Management

  • Inventory and Contact Management

  • Knowledge Management.

  • Logging and Tracking via E-Mail

A complementary publication to the Framework for ICT Technical Support (FITS), developed by Becta.

What's New in DNA Helpdesk ?

Support For Mobile Devices
NetSupport DNA Helpdesk now provides built-in support for mobile devices ensuring that operators working remotely can still receive and update tickets.

NetSupport DNA Helpdesk will automatically detect when it is accessed from a mobile device and display a set of simplified pages that can be used from most common mobile devices.

New Style User Interface
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Incoming E-Mail Processing
DNA Helpdesk can now integrate with a mail server enabling incoming emails to be processed based on pre-set criteria.

Outgoing E-Mail enhancements
Operators now have the option to trigger an outgoing email when adding comments to a ticket.

Active Directory Synchronisation
Replacing the current AD Import option, Helpdesk can now be configured to search a list of domains to find user details and automatically update the helpdesk with changes from Active Directory.

Solutions now need to be 'published' before they can be viewed by Users. A new 'publish solution' permission enables you to restrict access to this feature, ensuring only valid solutions are made available for use. The text of a solution is now saved in HTML format allowing you to have rich text solution documents. File attachments can now be associated with a solution. When adding a solution to a ticket, the search facility will automatically look for solutions based on the ticket type.

Multiple conditions and actions can now be applied to an escalation rule. The escalation process can now take into account your Helpdesk working hours and holidays.

Ticket Types
The hierarchy now supports multiple levels of Ticket Types.

Organisational Structure
A department can now have sub-departments added beneath it.

Custom Data
Enhanced custom fields and form options now available.

Ticket Search
Commonly used searches can now be saved to the menu.


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