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As a fully web based system, NetSupport DNA Helpdesk requires no software pre-installation and provides an import wizard to allow for simple importing of user details from other external systems.


As every organization is unique, possessing different requirements, DNA Helpdesk allows for the customization of many key features within the solution. From operator functionality to the creation of specific data entry fields, DNA Helpdesk can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your organization.


Use the real time corporate status reports to gauge the effectiveness of how support requests are being managed and maintained. Encouraging the improved productivity of the help desk is only half the challenge. Educating your users to reduce the frequency of future support requests is equally important. With DNA Helpdesk, users are able to search for answers before logging a support request and check and review on-line the status of their Help Desk ticket.


Knowing what hardware and software is installed on your user's PC will help to reduce call escalation whilst increasing problem resolution. By integrating a 3rd party inventory solution - such as NetSupport DNA - you can use DNA Helpdesk to obtain a full inventory for each of your users' systems, together with an ongoing history by user for all previous support requests. DNA Helpdesk empowers your help desk operators, giving them the information needed to deal with more requests in less time.


Because no two organizations are the same and therefore rely on different critical systems to remain competitive and efficient, DNA Helpdesk allows for automatic priority assignment of ticket types. For example, a trouble ticket relating to "Server Failure" can be automatically assigned "Urgent Priority" status and allocated to the "Server" specialist within the Help Desk team.


DNA Helpdesk has been developed in accordance with the ITIL® Service Desk function described in OGC's ITIL® Service Support book.

Key Features

NetSupport DNA Helpdesk is a powerful and entirely web based solution providing detailed recording and tracking of user Help Requests.

DNA Helpdesk has been developed in accordance with the ITIL® Service Desk function described in OGC's ITIL® Service Support book.

Ticket Management

  • Automatic assignment of tickets to operators based on pre-defined customer rules for either Problem Type or User Type.

  • Automatic escalation of ticket status based on customer specific rules.

  • Structured notes history for a ticket with source identifiers (telephone, email and more) for each additional entry within the ticket lifecycle.

  • Full Hardware and Software Inventory information for each user's system.

  • Attach, store and associate files to a Ticket.

  • Automatic priority assignment for new tickets.

  • Record time spent when updating tickets, and view total time usage in the main ticket record.

  • Prioritised Help Requests for users and ticket types together with easy operator allocation.

  • Help Request Logging with customisable categories for easy input.

  • End users can raise help requests on-line and review current status in real time.

  • Automated Incoming/Outgoing email processing.

User Management

  • Active Directory synchronization.

  • Allow end users to generate Helpdesk logon Accounts or restrict generation of end user accounts to Administrators and Helpdesk operators.

  • Import user departments and companies from other systems into the NetSupport Helpdesk.


  • Direct integration with DNA Suite Inventory and departmental information.

  • Direct integration with Remote control.


  • Custom Data Designer allowing for customised data fields.

  • Profiled Operator access and customised functionality.

  • Streamlined creation of a solutions database to aid future help requests.

  • Use the intuitive design tool available to administrators to add custom data items to trouble ticket records.

  • Multilingual user interface (English, Spanish, Italian, German and French).


  • Real Time Corporate Status reports - Total Calls in, Status of Calls, Average resolution time and more.

  • Ongoing history by user for all previous support requests.

  • Real Time Dashboard showing a rolling display of current ticket statistics.

Escalations & Notifications

  • Send Email Notifications using fully customisable email templates.

  • Automatic escalation of ticket based on customer-specific rules.



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