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DataBleach - Data Cleansing Software

Studies indicate that on average, 15% of the information contained in a company’s customer database is flawed, and according to the Gartner Group "Most information reengineering initiatives will fail due to a lack of data quality". Projects to cleanse data are often created when a "crisis" occurs, and a key project may be in danger of failure.

Ambiguous or missing information, duplicate records, data-entry errors, lack of standardization are just a few examples of data quality problems, or ‘dirty’ data.

And without such reliable data will lead to poor understanding of valuable information or worst still misleading knowledge of customer relationships thus arising ineffective decision making capability within the organization.

DataBleach is a data auditing and cleansing tool that can improve the quality of you operational and data warehouse data. It replaces extensive custom coding or manual re-keying and reconciliation of data. DataBleach encapsulates advanced processes and algorithms within its integrated modules namely DataBleach Audit and DataBleach Cleanse. Together, these deliver a flexible, cost effective solution with a high level functionality which can be further customized to meet specific needs.

 DataBleach along with Data Assessment and Cleansing services, positions the necessary mechanism, Organizational Infrastructure and Application process necessary to identify and rectify Data Quality problems in your enterprise database.

These steps include Analysis of existing data, applying the business rules and validating against the rules. Generating conformity and non-conformity reports on different categories and cleansing your data along with assistance on system test of your application onto the cleansed data.

With four phases of Data Quality namely Define, Assess, Measure, and Correct. DataBleach ensures that enterprise data are meeting the quality characteristics required to support business.When Data Quality is addressed with reasonable application wisdom, experience and commonsense,

    Increases the success rate of the Data Warehouse Project.
    Better decision-making with accurate information.


DataBleach Features

Profiles the current condition of your data
Identifies Errors & Invalid Data using Integrity checks, Advanced checks, and Rule based Audits
Fuzzy-logic, Phonetic, Abbreviated search algorithms for data de-duping.
Intelligently identifies elements in free-form data such as first and last names, business names, address lines, cities, serial numbers, dates, part numbers and other data "shapes"
Enhances and fixes missing data or incorrect data in customer addresses.
Allows Maintenance of Data Libraries.
Identifies and matches households, business contacts and other relationships.
Eliminate duplicates in large databases
Double-byte enabled; fully supports international data
Cleansing data in real-time or in batch
Data sampling for rapid auditing of data quality

DataBleach Audit

DataBleach Audit provides a health check for dirty or suspect data to find out what problems exist, how much of the data is affected, and to understand any codes and conventions used to input data. Cleanse Key Features :-

Rules, selected from a library of templates, are applied to the data to establish what data conforms to the rules, and to identify exception cases. The results can be reviewed on screen and also exported for off-line review. Rules can be linked together so that the output of one forms the input to the next, and the library of rule templates can be easily extended.

Key features:

  • Sophisticated Rule-based interface to handle any complex validation and exception reporting.
  • Customizable data libraries to support reference values.
  • Once defined, audit instructions can be scheduled and re-run.

Benefits and Deliverables:

  • Root Cause analysis on Data pollution.
  • An Audit Report that documents data issues, causes, resolution and efforts to cleanse or correct the problem.
  • Recommendations and procedures to better enhance integrity and quality of data.


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DataBleach supports any database using High speed ODBC and native connections including text files.

DataBleach Cleanse

DataBleach Cleans corrects and re-formats any data to any specification. It coordinates the whole cleansing process, breaking it down into structured and efficient steps, which are easily customized.

Data values are broken down into their constituent elements – dealing with patterns, codes and inconsistencies in formatting. Any manipulation, look-ups and substitutions can then be performed easily at this point (including calls to external systems or routines to validate data). Finally, the elements are recombined to the target output formats.


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Key features:

  • Efficient, structured process supporting user
  • defined rules
  • Rule-based data cleansing and in-built algorithms for advanced functions.
  • Support of cleansing or transformation to new target database(s)
  • Once defined, cleansing instructions can be re-run and scheduled.
  • Audit logging to rollback to original state if required.

Benefits and Deliverables:

  • Flexible, high performance, standards-based product
  • Consistent data in a standard format
  • Rapid implementation and immediate results
  • Eliminates extensive custom coding and one-off manual efforts
  • Deliver all the required data quality and profiling reports.

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