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Business Intelligence Analytics

Industry Experience

K-Base breadth and depth of expertise in business intelligence and industry experience in financial, telecommunication, insurance, health-care and manufacturing, as well as our technical expertise with thin-client architectures allows us to quickly design, develop and deploy web-based query, analysis and reporting solutions for our clients. These solutions allow our clients to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively, and to quickly and easily put mission-critical information into the hands of users and decision makers, no matter where they happen to be located.

In order to deploy BI applications rapidly, KBase has developed analytical models, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and analytical applications based on its best practice for each industry to enable to deliver BI applications three times faster and half the price.

BI for Financial Industry

BI for Financial is an end-to-end business solution for the Financial Services Industry, delivering:
  • Customer Profiling
  • Credit Scoring and Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Loan Analysis
  • Aging Analysis
  • Branch Performance
  • Profitability analysis and reporting
  • BASEL II Reporting
  • Product Affinity, Cross Sell & Up-Sell

BI for Telecommunication

BI for Telco enables telecommunications companies for a rapid implementation of business intelligence solutions and BI logical data model for wireless, ISP and fixed lines. It provides prepackaged OLAP that has been proven in many telcos which includes:
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Call Usage Analysis
  • Churn Prediction Analysis
  • Product Affinity, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
  • Campaign Management
  • Billing/Collection Analysis
  • Fraud Analysis

BI for Insurance

BI for insurance solutions enables Insurance companies with following insights:
  • Actuarial Underwriting Analysis,
  • Claim Analysis,
  • Operational Analysis,
  • Financial Analysis and
  • Sales/Marketing Analysis

BI for HealthCare

BI for Healthcare includes:
  • Patient and Payor Analysis,
  • Diagnostics Analysis and
  • Drug Analysis

BI for Retail, Warehouse & Distribution – Procurement Analysis

Our procurement analysis solution rapidly identifies opportunities to reduce costs and improve purchasing efficiencies. According to Manufacturing Systems magazine, "while trading exchanges that support indirect materials procurement have enjoyed early success, they only scratch the surface when it comes to cost benefits. Direct procurement accounts for 66 percent of procurement transactions, and analysts project that business intelligence applications can reduce costs by as much as 14 percent. K-Base enables companies to make informed decisions by providing answers to questions such as:
  • Where are my purchasing dollars being spent?
  • Are my suppliers' service levels meeting internal targets?
  • What percentage of goods is defective?
  • In what areas can purchasing costs be decreased?
  • What is the extent of spot purchasing and should contracts be negotiated?
  • Should suppliers be consolidated?
K-Base uses other analytics to analyze the supply chain such as:
  • Where are the supply chain cycle time bottlenecks across sourcing, manufacturing and distribution?
  • What opportunities exist in the supply chain to save on the bottom line?
  • Where can supply chain capabilities be leveraged to improve market share?
  • How closely aligned is the organization to both suppliers and customers?
  • How raw materials are inventory levels fluctuating?

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