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Balanced Scorecard Services

How Companies Can Benefit From BSC?

Forward thinking organizations are realizing the significance and potential of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). Companies worldwide are already embarking on Balanced Scorecard and are achieving outstanding results in the strategic directions of their business.

Balanced Scorecard assist companies to implement Key Performance Indicators (KPI), realize business strategies and initiatives and achieve higher performance and global competitiveness. Strategy-focused organizations are using the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic tool to :-

  • IMPROVE Financial results through better use of resources and cost savings
  • ACHIEVE Company Performance Excellence by ensuring focus on key business metrics
  • ENHANCE Corporate Governance & Accountability to Stake-holders
  • ACHIEVE Clarity on organization strategic direction
  • DRIVE Business Results through Human Capital
  • IMPROVE Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • IMPROVE Organizational Alignment
  • ACHIEVE Inter Departmental Synergy
  • PROVIDE Fact-based management with solid planning, monitoring & control
  • MOTIVATE staff by linking reward to Performance with Linked Compensation

K-Base BSC Services?

BSC Training. Customized and personalized BSC classroom training including design & development, strategy execution and etc.

BSC Readiness Assessment. Consulting Services to assess the readiness of an organization; provide recommendation and assistance in prioritizing BSC implementation, including education, strategic alignment and internal marketing

BSC Study & Design Workshops. Usually ranging from 8 to 12 weeks of design & development of ‘top level’ strategy maps, measures, targets and initiatives with agreed implementation and communication guidelines

BSC Automation and Implementation. Automation and integration of Balanced Scorecard using BSCol’s certified software. Usually ranging from 12-16 weeks

BSC Health-Check. Consulting Services to review the effectiveness; provide recommendation and perform gap analysis on original requirements versus what is implemented, including services to fine-tune and further optimize the BSC

K-Base & BSC Collaborative (BSCol)

BSC Collaborative (www.bscol.com) is led by the creators of the BSC concept, Drs Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the BSCol professionals have unparalleled experience and expertise in strategic management. With over five hundred Balanced Scorecard implementations across the world BSCol can apply its know-how and best-practices with unmatched energy speed and dedication to tailor solutions based on client needs.

Knowledge Discovery Sdn Bhd has forged a strategic partnership with BSCol to provide consulting services to Government and Government Linked Companies (GLC) with Knowledge Discovery providing the technical services in implementing the scorecard using iStrategi and other BSCol certified BSC Sofware.

Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (BSCol) offers a wide variety of services for organizations at any stage of developing and using the Balanced Scorecard. Its consulting, educational, online and training services can be extensively customized to develop solutions for organizations small and large throughout the world.


“The Balanced Scorecard gave us focus. The BSC helped Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) define its strategy, restructure the organization, focus on customers as well as target the internal capabilities (processes and people) needed to deliver its promise –“Right Item, Right Time, Right Place, Right Price, Every Time….Best Value Solution for America’s Warfighter. The bottom line results are beginning to come in. In FY 2002 DLA achieved $130Million in savings while processing $2.2Billion more in requisitions for its customers.”

Retired Admiral Ray Archer,
Vice Commander,
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

“BSC has been implemented by EPF to strengthen its operating culture and make it performance-based. We are serious in our intention to achieve our vision to become a world-class organization. “We need to put in place a management system that will help us clearly translate our vision and strategy into achievable and measurable objectives. “Only when we are clear of our strategic direction and objectives, will we be in a better position to put in place plans and mechanisms that address our long term goals”

Datuk Azlan Zainol, CEO,
EPF Malaysia,
Source: the Star 26, July 2004

“Three years after launching its BSC effort, SMDC has garnered some significant results. In FY01, it achieved :-

  • A $23 million increase in profitability, including an $18 million turn-around the first year of implementation.
  • Stabilized costs/adjusted discharge and cost encounter despite increasing drug and salary costs.
  • A continued decrease in days in Accounts Receivable of 10 days for its clinics and 8 days for its hospitals.
  • A 13% improvement in appointment access availability for primary care clinics.
  • A 15 % improvement in overall hospital patient satisfaction.
  • An 11% improvement in overall clinic patient satisfaction."

Dr. Peter Person, CEO
St. Mary’s Duluth Health Clinic

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